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How Would It Feel? by Mary Beth Goddard, illustrated by Anna Mycek-WodeckiHow Would It Feel?
By Mary Beth Goddard, Illustrated by Anna Mycek-Wodecki
Publisher: Bear Cub Books (October 2005)
Pages: 32 - Price: $15.95
Reading Level: Ages 4 to 6

Review by Lee Prosser - leep@ghostvillage.com
Ghostvillage.com review

A division of Bear & Company, Bear Cub Books is the children book editions. This is a hardcover with dust jacket. Those who have long enjoyed the paranormal, supernatural, and other topics published by Bear, will find this children's book a delight! This book is written for children ages 4 - 6.

What this wonderful short book does is take children on a journey of enchantment and playful interaction with the natural world. Each page contains a poem with matching watercolor illustration which visualizes the poem in artistic form. There is much whimsical border art in the book, and it is something children will enjoy looking at while reading. 

An example of the skillful and imaginative writing is: "How would it feel To shake hands with lightning to whiplash and crackle . . . " The poem imagery is topnotch.

The art work and the poems work together to create an unusual world for children, a world that is full of adventure and positive pathways. It is something children will like.

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