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Ghost Files: The Haunting Truth by The Ghost SocietyGhost Files: The Haunting Truth
By The Ghost Society
Publisher: HarperCollins (August 2008)
Pages: 36 - Price: $19.99
Reading Level: Ages 10 and up

Review by Chris Richardson - ChrisR@ghostvillage.com
Kids.Ghostvillage.com review

"From reliable sources, profusely illustrated," reads a line from the title page of this clever and intricate book on ghosts and hauntings throughout history. Ghost Files is a masterfully illustrated look at the theories as to what classifications ghosts fall under, from apparitions to poltergeists; ghosts from ancient times (like the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks); and a closer investigation of some famous haunts like Glamis Castle in Scotland to the Borley Rectory in England.

Ghost Files is hardcover, oversized, and full of pull-outs, interactive booklets, and even a fold-out Talking Board (better known by the brand name, "Ouija"). The authors, The Ghost Society, are a collection of spirits who came together to help the husband and wife creative team of Eugene Yelchin and Mary Kuryla put this book together. Throughout the pages, the "spirits" weigh on as to how they can make objects move, make noise, or appear as solid people.

Aimed at ages 10 and up, the book is ideal for would-be junior ghost hunters who are ready to learn about the back story of modern-day ghost investigation. Ghost Files examines spirits in other cultures, psychics and mediums, sťances, and a guide on how to tell if your house is haunted. You won't find modern-day ghost hunting gadgets and gizmos in this book, but you will find some delightful stories and history told in an entertaining way.

Don't let the 36-page count fool you, there are many booklets, windows, and sidebars to keep young readers busy with the supernatural for quite some time.

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