Who's Haunting the White House? The President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There

Professor Perry Normall's Boo-log

Field Report 1: White Lady of the Woods Ghost Captured...
...but she got away. We were so close to finally obtaining indisputable proof of ghosts!

The "White Lady of the Woods" is a legend most prominent in the eastern border of New York State in the Berkshire Mountains. She's been spotted near an abandoned village at the base of one of the majestic mountains. My photographer, Noswal, accompanied me as he usually does on my investigations. From speaking with local witnesses I learned that the White Lady often lurks near the main trail leading into the old village. I laid my rope in a loop across the trail and then set some bait that no ghost can resist: I played some rather scary organ music on my portable stereo. As if on cue, the White Lady appeared and floated her way down the trail.

As you can see in this photo, I had the elusive specter roped up and was pulling her toward me. I know you can't see her ghost in this photograph. Noswal has been instructed to make sure any photograph he takes includes me. He simply couldn't position himself in a way to include myself and the White Lady, so he settled for the next-best image: Professor Perry Normall struggling to pull in the spirit of the White Lady. A moment after this picture was taken, the ghost disappeared (perhaps I pulled too hard on the rope). The event was quite thrilling. We intend to return when the weather warms in the spring... unless the mesquites are too numerous... in which case we may forget the whole thing.

Field report filed by Professor Perry J. Normall.

White Lady of the Woods Ghost Captured...